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Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll down to get answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

And if you need to know more, feel free to contact us by clicking below!

Q. Can I show up at the gym and start climbing right away?

A. Yes, but first you will need to fill out a gym waiver either online here, or at the front desk when you first arrive.  You only have to fill out the waiver once, not every single time you visit the gym.

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Q. I'm a new climber, is there a chance I can potentially fall and be injured while climbing?

A. That's very much dependent upon the type of climbing you do, your strength, and level of experience.


With bouldering, which involves climbing low to the ground without a rope, there is an increased chance of injury.  That's why we've installed extra matting in the bouldering area and encourage beginner boulderer's to have spotters while climbing.


When top-roping you will have a belayer present, which allows the climber to only swing in position when falling, greatly reducing the risk of injury.

While lead climbing you will also have a belayer, however in order to lead climb or lead belay you have to pass our lead climbing certification test.  This is to ensure your safety while lead climbing because there is an elevated risk of injury if you are not experienced in this form of climbing.

Q. As a new climber, will I be able to rent harnesses as well as shoes at the gym?

A. Of course! We have excellent harness's and climbing shoes of all sizes to fit any climber and body type.

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Q. What kind of knots do climbers use at the gym?

A. The main knot that is used to tie in climbers is the Figure 8 Knot. This knot is a standard tie in knot for climbing.

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Q. If I get a day pass here at the gym does that mean I can climb all day?

A. Getting a day pass here at North Summit Climbing Gym will allow you to climb all day whether you wish to boulder, top-rope, or lead climb.


Q. Do you still need to wear a mask at the climbing gym?

A. We ask that all unvaccinated climbers continue wearing masks. Fully vaccinated climbers however can visit mask free.

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Q. What sort of climbing services does North Summit have to offer?

A. Our 6,500 square foot facility here at North Summit has many different climbing amenities including top-rope, bouldering, and lead climbing.  We have countless different styles of holds and routes which are updated and changed every Monday so that you always have new climbs to try!

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Q. How often do you change your routes at the gym?

A. We put up new routes every Monday!  You can see the new routes by either following us on Instagram or signing up for our weekly Email Newsletter here!

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Q. Do you sell harnesses/climbing shoes at North Summit?

A. Yes!  We have a wide variety of climbing harnesses, shoes, chalk bags and other gear you can purchase for both indoor and outdoor climbing!  Some of our brands include Black Diamond, Butora, Camp, Mad Rock and many more!

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