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Rock Climber Powdering Hands

Lead Climbing & Lead Belaying Lessons

Schedule a Date During the Week For a Private Lesson

Lead Climbing is a skill all of it's own that takes good training and lot's of practice to do successfully and safely.  Not to mention if you want to Lead Climb at North Summit you have to be certified by one of our staff!

At North Summit we offer affordable private lessons from one of our experienced instructors to everyone who is interested in leading and has previous climbing experience.  During these lessons you will learn all the skills you need to Lead Climb and Belay in a controlled gym environment.

Individuals or groups can schedule a Lead Climbing Class.  We ask that you are at least capable of climbing 5.7 route at North Summit without taking before learning to lead climb.  This ensures you have the minimum strength needed to lead safely.

Lead Belaying Classes require at least two participants (one to climb while the other belays).  Therefore you can sign up with a buddy or you can schedule with us and we'll find someone to take the class with you.

Classes are $30 for Gym Members and $40 for Non- Gym Members.


Click below to contact us and schedule a time and date during the week to learn with one of our instructors! 

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