Note: If you cannot attend your scheduled class you are REQUIRED to inform North Summit, either via phone, in person, or email, AT LEAST 24hrs in advance to have your class rescheduled.  If you do not you will be charged full price for that class.

Homeschool Class Scheduling Calendar

    Welcome to the North Summit Homeschool Climbing Class!  Visit this page to select the dates and times you wish to attend!

     This scheduling calendar is ONLY for students who have already paid for or scheduled their lessons in advance with us.  New students should contact North Summit for info on class requisites and payment before using this scheduling calendar.

     To schedule your child for a lesson simply select a time, how many students you are signing up for, then fill out your name contact information.

     As of right now lessons are from 2pm - 3:30 pm on Wednesdays. You can schedule ahead for as many classes as you have paid for in advance.  For example, if you have signed up for 6 weeks, one class per week, you can sign up for the next 6 weeks, one class per week for either Thursday or Sunday.

     Due to the lack of availability for our Belayers on weekday afternoons, we ask that parents take a belay lesson from North Summit so that you can help belay your children and share the joy of climbing with them!  This enables your kids to get as much time climbing as possible, as well as free up our instructors to give more one on one instruction time with all our students to turn them into stronger climbers!