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Youth Climbing


Thursdays and Sundays

6pm – 7:30pm

  An introduction to the art of climbing for new students and improving the skills of seasoned climbers.  New students will learn basic climbing safety for both themselves and their climbing partners as well as new climbing skills, knots and methods with a focus on improving their technique and endurance.  Advanced students will be introduced to learning how to belay using an auto-locking device, bouldering methods, and begin lead climb training with a focus on clipping technique and rope management.

6 Week

(12 Class) Course

Ages 6-12 = $190

Ages 13-16 =$200

6 Week

(6 Class) Course

Ages 6-12 = $110

Ages 13-16 =$120

Single Class

Ages 6-12 = $22 per class

Ages 13-16 =$25 per class

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