North Summit Climbing Gym is currently closed but will be reopening in September 2019.

Walk In Packages* Monthly Memberships Military Kids' Specials
$30.00 Beginner Package: For new climbers. Includes day pass, belay lesson and all rental equipment needed for a day of climbing! Belay lesson takes up to 30 minutes and is good for a 6 month belay certification! Reserve a time slot today! Recurring Monthly Membership Special Save on your monthly membership! Pay $45/month by setting up automatic payments with your credit card. Minimum 3 month commitment, billed the 10th of every month.
Add a child to a recurring membership for $15/month
$10 Day Pass
$25 Refresher Package: Designed for returning beginner climbers who have been away from North Summit for 6 months or more Includes day pass, rentals, and a quick refresher to insure climber safety and skill level. 1 Month Membership $55
1 Month membership with gear rental $75
$15 Rental Pass $15 Kids Package (Parents Belay)
(Harness, Day Pass and belayer's harness) Anytime. Children Under 16 Years Old. Does NOT include staff belaying!
$15 Day Pass

$120 10 punch day pass ($30 savings)
Valid for 1 year from date of purchase.
3 Months Membership $135 (18% savings) $25 Beginner Package $30
Parent belay package. Includes lesson for 1 adult, 1 child day pass and harnesses $15 for each additional climber.

Parent refresher package. Includes resfresher for 1 adult, 1 child day pass and harnesses. $15 for every additional climber.
$20 Gear Package: For returning climbers who need gear rental. Includes day pass and gear rental 6 Months Membership $250 (21% Savings) 6 Months Membership $200 Child Membership
Add child to any length membership for only $50
$25 Belay package: Designed for the single climber. Includes day pass, rentals, and up to 6 staff belays 1 Year Membership $450 (31% savings)

5% Discount Club Enjoy a 5% discount per year when a 1 year pre-paid membership is purchased! $450 for the first year, turns into $427.50 the second year, and so on, if renewed before termination date. This discount continues every year until the member has reached the minimum of $275 on their 10th renewal!
1 Year Membership $375

College Student Special.
Every Wednesday
$10 Day Pass
$15 Rental Package
$25 Beginner Package
*We do accept walk-in business for beginner and belay packages when we have the time, however, We HIGHLY recommend reserving a time slot for beginner package and belay packages. A refresher package takes less time than a lesson, and generally would not need a reservation. Reservations are made on the hour every hour, last lesson at 8pm. Private lessons available upon request. Call 610-863- 4444 to reserve a time slot!
A North Summit Certified belayer may teach a new climber how to belay. However, the new climber
will be charged for the “Refresher Package” and MUST be belay checked by North Summit Staff. Climber must possess all skill requirements taught by a North Summit Staff member. ALL belayers MUST be belay checked. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Climb Safe!

Belay Disclaimer:

Here at North Summit, Safety is our primary concern.. Every climbing gym has it’s own set of requirements when it comes to belaying. So just because you have belayed at another gym
does not guarantee that you have the skills to meet North Summits belay requirements. Experienced climbers may receive a belay certification at no additional cost. If you have belayed a couple times in the past, even at another climbing facility, we recommend a refresher package to get you up to speed and safe. If you are a new to climbing, or haven’t belayed in a long while, or simply forget how to belay, a beginner package will be required. Any climber who claims to be experienced and doesn’t pass the belay check will be sent back to front counter to pay for a FULL lesson charge! Be honest with yourself and us about your abilities! Safety is the name of the game!