North Summit Climbing Gym is the perfect place to host your parties, scouting events, or groups of any kind. We offer special group rates with full access to all of our climbing facilities, as well as our our party room (seats 10-15 climbers).

We also offer special off-hours and sleep-over event rates to large groups. For more details, click here.

We can provide gear rentals, dedicated belayers, belay lessons and more to ensure that your entire group has a great time. Amenities include free WiFi, a refrigerator, and lockers. You can download a printable party invitation with directions here.

Ready to book your group event? Call (610) 863-4444 or email us today!

Party/Group Rate Package

Requirements: You must have a minimum of 8 people to receive the group rate. Reservations are made in advance, and a $40.00 deposit is required within two weeks of booking. Event will not be scheduled until deposit has been received. 72 hour cancellation notice required for refund of deposit. Rental shoes are optional for groups. Please wear tight fitting shoes or sneakers, and bring socks if you plan to rent. Flip-flops, crocs, sandles of any kind, or barefeet are NOT permitted on the walls
Time: Groups are scheduled in two hours and fifteen minute time slots.
Waiver: Signed waivers are required for all climbers and belayers. Anyone under 18 needs a parent’s signature on the waiver. Click HERE to download our waiver.
Climber Cost: $12.00 per climber– price includes a harness.
Belayer Cost: A belayer is the person on the ground who takes the slack out of the rope as his/her partner climbs up the wall. In order to climb, you must have an N.S.C.G certified belayer. Anyone in the group age 16 or older can take a lesson to learn how to belay prior to the date of the event. The lesson takes approximately 30 minutes and costs $10.00 per person. You also have the option of hiring our staff to belay for your group at a cost of $10.00 per hour per belayer. We recommend 1 belayer to every 4 to 5 climbers.
Party Room: There is a group/party room next to the climbing area. When a group is scheduled, you also get access to this room. The room has a table that seats up to 15 people, a refrigerator with room for your group’s drinks – no alcoholic beverages allowed – and space in the freezer for ice or ice cream. You are welcome to bring decorations and food.
Optional Rentals: $4.00 for climbing shoes, $3.00 for additional belayers harness. (Light socks are needed to wear with the rental shoes.)

Adult Group Package

This package is designed for anyone over the age of 16 who is looking for the whole experience! We will train up to 8 climbers in the group to belay. This package is perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, adult groups, and of course, teambuilding!


  • 3 hour time frame
  • Harness and shoe rentals included
  • Group belay lesson for up to 8 participants!
  • $20/climber
  • Minimum 8 climbers to book

Off-Hours Groups

We offer a 3 hour off-hours group booking available 9-12 p.m. or 10-1 p.m. Tuesday- Friday or any 3 hour block on Mondays! Minimum cost of $275 to open the gym for private parties. Have the gym to yourselves!

Off-hours packages:

  • Kid’s off hours group – $15/climber (no belaying included, must self belay)
  • Adult off hours group – $20/climber (group belay lesson for up to 8 included)
  • Overnight group – $600 minimum cost for up to 30 climbers! $20 for each additional climber over 30. Group comes in at 8 p.m. and is out by 9 a.m. next morning!