Getting started is easy at North Summit! We offer two options for first time adults. Both options include the day pass, and all rental equipment needed. The only variable is whether or not the climber wants to learn how to belay! Belaying is the technique of managing the rope to safeguard the climber against a ground fall. In other words, taking the slack as the climber ascends, and controlling the rappel on the way down.

Our BELAY PACKAGE includes 3 Staff belays, and is great for first timers who came in alone, or are unsure about learning how to belay. Let our staff take care of the technical stuff, and just have fun!

Our BEGINNER PACKAGE offers a beginner/belay lesson instead of staff belays, and is offered to anyone ages 16 and up! Learning how to belay is an essential skill in rock climbing. Why not start early?! Once trained to belay, climbers are certified to top rope belay other climbers in the gym, including kids that are not old enough to belay.

Our KIDS SPECIAL includes a pass and harness for $13, anytime. No staff belaying included.

Our KIDS BELAY SPECIAL includes a pass, harness and 3 staff belays for $15, anytime. Additional belay cards are $5 per 3 climbs.

Each of these walk-in beginner options includes tips and pointers from our professional staff! We are here to keep you safe, and to answer any questions while you are here. Climb on!

About North Summit

Our air-conditioned, 6500 square foot facility has foot and hand-holds bolted to specifically designed textured walls. The holds simulate rock features, and enable a climber to reach the top of our 35 foot walls. A route becomes more difficult as the holds become smaller and less frequent and when the contour of the walls becomes steeper, overhanging, or horizontal. New routes are added weekly by our expert staff and experienced climbers!

Why Climbing?

The physical workout that you receive promotes strength, flexibility, balance, and weight loss. Climbing provides a stress release, a feeling of goal achievement, and a means to overcome a fear of heights. Climbing builds trust, confidence, and problem solving strategies in a fun, non-threatening atmosphere. School groups, scouts, church groups, and businesses benefit from the mentally and physically challenging environment at the North Summit Climbing Gym. Our gym welcomes men and women of all ages! Indoor climbing is very safe – when a few important basics are followed. Be sure to ask if you have any questions. Our experienced staff is always here to help you!!

Climbing Terms

Routes – Paths that are followed to get to the top.
Belaying – Technique of managing the rope to safeguard a climber against a fall.
Belay Device – Connects the belayer to the climber through the rope.
“On Belay” – Said by the climber, means the climber is tied in and ready to climb.
“Belay is On” – Said by the belayer, means the belayer is ready and is now responsible for the climber

Types of Climbing

Bouldering: Considered to be the purest form of climbing since it involves no safety equipment. We offer a wide range of frequent;y-changed bouldering routes up to fourteen feet tall!

Top Rope Climbing: Is considered the safest form of climbing and involves all of the ropes hanging from the top of the walls. The rope is already secured at the top of the climb. The climber is tied into one end of the rope, and the belayer is on the other. As the climber goes up the route, the belayer takes out the slack, so there is no falling.

Lead Climbing: This is the most complex method of indoor climbing. Lead climbing simulates outdoor sport climbing where outdoor rock formations don’t normally have ropes hanging from the top. The climber drags the rope up the wall and clips it into protection while ascending.