About North Summit Climbing Gym

Our air-conditioned, 6500 square foot facility has foot and hand-holds bolted to specifically designed textured walls. The holds simulate rock features, and enable a climber to reach the top of our 35 foot walls. A route becomes more difficult as the holds become smaller and less frequent and when the contour of the walls becomes steeper, overhanging, or horizontal. New routes are added weekly by our expert staff and experienced climbers!

Climbing Terms

Routes – Paths that are followed to get to the top.
Belaying – Technique of managing the rope to safeguard a climber against a fall.
Belay Device – Connects the belayer to the climber through the rope.
“On Belay” – Said by the climber, means the climber is tied in and ready to climb.
“Belay is On” – Said by the belayer, means the belayer is ready and is now responsible for the climber

What our customers have to say

"Beautiful gym with an awesome staff and atmosphere. With a dynamic layout and climbs suiting

everybody from beginner to seasoned veterans, this place is sure to please." Jerry C.

"I've climbed at a lot of gyms in the eastern PA area, and this is one of my favorites. You can tell

they put a lot of thought and effort into route setting and taking care of the gym. I've probably

climbed here about 5 times now, and I always look forward to going back." Laura D. on Yelp


"A fantastic rock climbing gym with routes/problems that are updated on a weekly basis in addition to the fact that they actually clean their holds! While these are fantastic points, what really sets this climbing gym

apart is it dedicated members & staff, who are incredibly welcoming and extremely helpful regardless if you are a pro or a first time climber! Everyone that visits once, quickly calls this gym home." Jeramie C. 



Types of Climbing

Bouldering: Considered to be the purest form of climbing since it involves no safety equipment. We offer a wide range of frequently-changed bouldering routes up to fourteen feet tall!

Top Rope Climbing: Is considered the safest form of climbing and involves all of the ropes hanging from the top of the walls. The rope is already secured at the top of the climb. The climber is tied into one end of the rope, and the belayer is on the other. As the climber goes up the route, the belayer takes out the slack, so there is no falling.

Lead Climbing: This is the most complex method of indoor climbing. Lead climbing simulates outdoor sport climbing where outdoor rock formations don’t normally have ropes hanging from the top. The climber drags the rope up the wall and clips it into protection while ascending.


Gym Rules

  • NO food or drinks on the rubber. NO exceptions (lid or no lid)
  • NO running or horseplay
  • NO throwing any objects in gym. Rubber, chalk balls, chalk bags, etc.
  • NO chairs on rubber
  • Nobody under the age of 16 allowed in cave. NO exceptions
  • Nobody under the age of 12 allowed upstairs without parent supervision
  • Must be 16 years old to belay
  • NO swinging on ropes
  • NO bare feet on wall or climbing holds
  • Watch your language (cursing or abusive language will NOT be tolerated)
  • Bags and personal belongings upstairs (yes, this means you)